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Sorry Simon!

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

live-streaming, short & homemade gigs

Hey Rosebuds,

What Have I done this past year, you ask?

I slept like a lot, I walked, I grew sourdough and I baked bread , I gardened,I walked, I made pizzas, I deep-cleaned everything like twice at least, I walked, I decluttered to the point I barely had spare knickers to wear, I danced alone in the kitchen, I danced alone in the corridor, Ι walked, I learnt how to warm-wax myself (ouch!), I woke up at 6am to work out (yes, me!), I became friends with my violin again (sorry neighbours!), I walked, and I looked at the ceiling and out the window for hours, ….

And all this time, some certain rosebuds kept pestering me (yes! you green-eye, you are the Queen of them) to sing, even act a little something. The truth is I missed you terribly and I missed me connecting with you.

Let's connect and stay together every other Wednesday with this mini-series of short, live-streaming and homemade gigs. I am going to sing in various genres and many languages (with bad accent in most of them) play the violin (out-of-tune) pretend to play the piano and talk (probably in bilungual nonsense).

The whole series is dedicated to all the suffering neighbours of the non sound-proofed musicians. My sincerest apologies to all mine and especially to Simon.

Sorry Simon!

More info here:

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