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The Voice Studio!

Hello and welcome, welcome! Come in!

Just settling in my new studio. It is a haven and I am planning to share it with you all (the good people); from private classes to workshops and singing along sessions and from rehearsals to home concerts and sharings. If you are interested in singing, please click on the TEACHING section of the main menu and stay tuned for more sessions.

If you are looking for a welcoming creative space to practice that will not cost your entire budget, please get in touch and let me know a little bit about you, your project and potential days and times that you need the space and I will give you a fair, still negotiable quote.

The room is 24sq.m. or 260sq.f. approximately and it has access to equipped kitchen, shower room and large private garden to chill or extend your practice. It is located in Hillside, very centrally with excellent public transport connections.

Fees are negotiable depending on the nature of the project and the hirers' circumstances.

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