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Studying Music & Theatre had a great impact, amongst else, on the way I understand and I connect with myself, the world and others. Welcoming others to this journey gives me great joy.


I have coached kids, young people and adults, beginners and advanced vocalists, professional musicians & performers as well as amateurs on vocal technique and the repertoire of their choice. I have coached students in one-to-on sessions and prepared them for auditions. I have organised and given drama & drama games workshops for children and I have directed school theatre shows. I have taught acting to adult-groups. I have led workshops and masterclasses on Ancient Drama and performing in Musical Theatre.

What I teach

- Vocal Technique

relaxation, breath work, physical & vocal warm-up, vocal anatomy & health

- Vocal Performance

fundamentals of acting, public speaking, repertoire, performing in Musical Theatre

-Acting, Audition preparation

relaxation, breath, physical & vocal warm-up, embodying an idea, a text or a character

-Drama game and improvisation

from the idea to the dress rehearsal and beyond

-Performance Devising

-Ancient Drama

theory, technique, chorus


Singing Does You Good!


Singing is as vital as having a liberating laugh or a self-soothing cry.


It makes you happy; It relieves from stress, lowers blood pressure,  releases endorphions and oxytocin.

It makes you smarter; it improves cognition and memory.

It makes you fitter; iτ tones up your muscles and improves your breath and prosture.


It helps you understand, communicate and connect with yourself and others. And it’s freaking fun!


Everybody can sing; if you think or you are told you can't, nonsense! You just need the safe space to explore your inner, natural, gorgeous voice.


If you sing already but you have somehow lost the joy of it, maybe it's time to deconstruct your technique, connect with your breath and your mind it and reconstruct your craft.


My practice


I cannot remember myself before I started singing and I am a lucky one because people often like my voice so I kept singing. Make no mistake; I've been asked to shut up quite a few times which I shamefully did for some time.


The journey of my vocal exploration have been long and through many different paths; studying and imitating singers I admired, studying various singing techniques (classical, jazz), training my voice for speech and acting, exploring practices like yoga or the Linklater method.


Every session (group or individual) is unique; responding to one's way of understanding, mood and condition on the day, goals and desires.

Each session is divided in three sessions; relaxation,  body warm-up  and breath work where I subtly guide you to connect and understand your tool, building vocal technique through more traditional practice, and finally, performance on the repertoire of your choice.





My practice applies to speech as well. Whether you are an experienced/trained speaker or you need to build your vocal technique and stamina if you have to talk much, my practice will coach you to connect in a more healthy and sustainable way to connect with your voice and your mind and communicate more effectively through speech.



Book your session


Book a free trial to discuss your goals and see if my practice fits. We can work online or in person, outdoors or indoors in my cozy spacious home studio, if you are based in Edinburgh (covid restrictions permit).


One-to-one sessions are an hour long but I ask that you accept some flexibility and you have some more time available as I treat every session as a cycle that needs to be completed. There might be sessions longer than an hour or shorter than an hour. If you are a beginner, it's best if you can schedule your practice with some regularity. Υou may as well book for one-off sessions.


Pricing is based on Musicians' Union fees but depends on your situation and how regularly you want to practice and it can be discussed in your trial.


I will be more than happy to hear from you at or through the contact form, here:

Roberto Ricciuti Photography


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