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Spring is Here! What's new?

My wee rosebuds,

Spring is here! Are you ready to blossom? Oh crap, me neither!... As a human, I am humanly tired, ok? Nevertheless (I know right? I just want to actually use the english words I paid to learn not the useful, everyday ones) , I am posting this wee pic to remind myself moments of the very last spring that I adored.

Despite the general gloom, I plugged cables, mics, cameras and other unidentified objects that I barely understand why they are important so I could connect with you which gives me pure joy: A little sweet reminder on what's new:

-This website! Have a strol and find out more about my story, enjoy past recordings, videos and photos , find out more about my sessions and ways to get in touch. Comment and advise if you have something to say, as I am still updating it.

-(drumroll) my first ever videoclip. I made it on my own and I ignored my friends' offer to help because I am stubborn and I wanted to it that way, alright?

-eLearning! There's that as well. Laugh a lot and cry every now and then but sing a lot as well rosebuds, it's good for you! If you need some help, text me to bring it on.

-Sorry Simon! A mini seiries of homemade (as everything else) live-streaming gigs. You can view the first two on my YouTube channel. Next gig on the 10th March!

Take care and stay connected!

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