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The Krewe Of Muses - International Women's Day Showcase

Test, test, one-two, one-two, receiving?

I’m still here, just observing the tragic ridiculousness of human nature. I had a couple of dreamy, epic chances to return on stage last month. Emceeing Plutôt la Vie’s Clown Cabaret at the Manipulate Festival. And rejoining Oceanallover in this extravagant celebration of costume, performance, music, poetry and dance.

Here's a little clip from my little intervention for Self Assembled in the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow.

Humbled and excited, I am getting ready for tomorrow to open The Krewe Of Muses - International Women's Day Showcase by invitation of our local muse Ali Affleck. I am bringing my fusion of songs and stories, celebrating the women who lead my way. Wednesday 8th March, starting at 6pm, at the Jazz Bar.

More info here:

PS. Can’t say that I am not beaten down a bit by the lack of support to the arts and culture in both my homelands. We all listen to music, watch films, enjoy a nice image and so many more every day. Support the arts, support the people who bring them to you, to your community with joy and care.

Roberto Ricciuti photography

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